• Fireman Sam

    Fireman Sam is brave, modest and dependable. He selflessly puts his life on the line to help others and everyone in Pontypandy knows that nothing is too much trouble for Fireman Sam. Sam drives Jupiter the fire engine, the pride of the Pontypandy Fire Service. Sam's brother Charlie is a local fisherman and Sam is a kind and attentive uncle to Charlie's children, Sarah and James.

    Fireman Sam
  • Penny Morris

    Penny Morris is the only female fire officer in Pontypandy. Terrific back-up in any crisis, Penny drives Venus. She is also a trained coastguard officer and pilots Neptune, the Pontypandy lifeboat, when needed. Penny is a keep-fit fanatic who’s always ready to try a new and extreme sport. She is great friends with Tom Thomas, the rescue-helicopter pilot. Their idea of a relaxing day is a ten-mile hike followed by rock climbing and rappelling.

    Penny Morris
  • Elvis Cridlington

    Fireman Elvis Cridlington is the fire station cook. He has a heart of gold and is absolutely dedicated to fighting fires. Whilst Elvis is a perfectly competent fire-fighter, he is still learning the finer points of the job as Sam’s apprentice. Elvis is very much in awe of his mentor, Fireman Sam. Elvis is an avid fan of rock’n’roll and plays the guitar. He is in a band with Mike Flood.

    Elvis Cridlington
  • Station Officer Steele

    Station Officer Steele is the senior fire officer at Pontypandy Station. He loves to follow the rules. However, his bark is worse than his bite and he has a lovable pomposity. Station Officer Steele is not above calling meetings at the fire station just to give himself something to do.

     Station Officer Steele
  • Arnold McKinley

    New trainee firefighter. Arnold is a bit nerdy and can be a bit of a know-it-all. He tends to nit-pick and is very happy pontificating about water pressures, hose gauges and combustibility –but, as yet, doesn’t have the practical firefighting experience to back it up.
    Arnold McKinley
  • Ellie Phillips

    New trainee firefighter. Fresh out of the training academy, Ellie is athletic and competitive and sees the world through the lens of physical challenge (for example: if Sam asks her to shift a pile of hoses she’d be the one trying to do it the fastest). Ellie is full of energy but has a tendency to rush into things –and take on too much. Penny can recognise traits in Ellie that she had when she was a young firefighter.

    Ellie Phillips
  • Ben Hooper

    Ben Hooper is the Coastguard and mans the Ocean Rescue Centre. Ben is Pontypandy’s dashing coast guard. He is adventurous and a brilliant seaman. He has a light posh accent and has been sailing from a young age. The problem with Ben is he knows how good he is and sometimes can get carried away, whether it’s tying knots or navigating using the stars. Ben is stationed at the Ocean Rescue Centre and will pilot Titan when required.

    Ben Hooper
  • Tom Thomas

    Tom Thomas mans the Mountain Rescue Station on the slopes of Pontypandy Mountain. He pilots the Mountain Rescue Helicopter and drives the Mountain Rescue 4x4. Tom is originally from Australia and he frequently says "This isn’t how we used to do things in Wallaby Springs." Tom relies heavily on Sam's local knowledge of Pontypandy and rescue experience. Sam and Tom are great friends and Sam often visits Tom at the Mountain Rescue Center for a catch-up and a cup of tea.

     Tom Thomas
  • Charlie Jones

    Charlie is Fireman Sam's brother and the twin's gentle and easy-going father. Charlie is a fisherman and is happiest out at sea. He is a very attentive father and he loves having his children around him. He will often take Sarah and James for outings on his boat and enjoys teaching them about fishing.

    Charlie Jones
  • Bronwyn Jones

    Bronwyn Jones is the twins' mom and is married to Charlie. Bronwyn runs the Wholefish Café. She was brought up in the city, but sees herself more as a child of nature. Bronwyn loves stories and magic and fairies and all things mythical. She is a loving mom to Sarah and James and her heart is definitely in the right place.

     Bronwyn Jones
  • Sarah & James Jones

    Sarah and James are twins. They are also niece and nephew to Fireman Sam, and like to spend as much time with their uncle as possible. Their father Charlie is a fisherman and their mother, Bronwyn, runs the Wholefish Café down at the harbor. The quayside also provides Sarah and James with a good place for adventures.

    Sarah & James Jones
  • Dilys Price

    Dilys is Norman's doting mother. No matter what Norman gets up to, he's still his mother's pride and joy. She runs the local supermarket, which is a frequent meeting place for the locals. Dilys loves to catch up on the gossip of Pontypandy and although she claims to be "rushed off her feet", she always has time for a cup of tea and a chat, especially if Trevor Evans stops by.

    Dilys Price
  • Norman Price

    Norman Price lives above the supermarket with his mom, Dilys. Norman is always getting up to mischief and his nickname is 'Naughty Norman'. He is an intelligent little boy with a lot of imagination. Norman has a love of speed and owns both a go-kart and a skateboard.

    Norman Price
  • Mike Flood

    Mike Flood is Pontypandy's accident-prone handyman. Mike is very lucky in that he's married to Nurse Helen Flood who is always on hand to administer first aid to her husband. Mike is passionate about drumming and he's formed a two-man band with his friend Elvis Cridlington. He's often in a dream world of drum solos so he doesn’t concentrate on the work at hand, with disastrous results. Mike provides a lot of work for Fireman Sam!

    Mike Flood
  • Helen Flood

    Helen Flood is married to accident-prone handyman, Mike Flood and she is mother to Mandy. Helen Flood is the Pontypandy Nurse. She is calm, brisk and efficient. Helen has what seems like endless patience, and, with a husband like Mike, she needs it! As well as visiting the sick of Pontypandy, Nurse Flood acts as a paramedic, accompanying the Fire Service, Coastguard and Mountain Rescue Team on their call-outs when needed.

    Helen Flood
  • Mandy Flood

    Mandy is the daughter of Mike and Helen Flood. She likes to accompany her mom on her visits as a nurse. Mandy is a rough and tumble tomboy and is always testing the parameters of the world. When she grows up she will probably be a round-the-world yachtswoman or movie stunt coordinator.

    Mandy Flood
  • Trevor Evans

    Trevor Evans is Pontypandy's smooth-talking bus driver. He's got a way with the ladies and in particular Dilys Price who will go out of her way to attract his attention. Trevor is a cheery character and will often reschedule a bus service if he's offered a "lovely cup of tea" or a sandwich.

    Trevor Evans
  • Gareth Griffith's

    Bronwyn's father and drives the train on the new mountain railway.

    Gareth Griffith's
  • Radar

    Radar is the Pontypandy fire station's personal firedog. A Dalmatian, Radar has been trained as a recue dog and is very brave, loyal and loveable. Radar's keen sense of smell and sensitive hearing are often a real help to the team - even he does need to be rescued himself from time to time.

  • Lion

    Lion is Bronwyn's pet cat. He was a stray who wandered into the harbor one day, got a taste for fish and decided to stay. Lion is rather gentle and not at all fierce, in spite of his name!

  • Nipper

    Nipper the dog is feisty and full of energy. Nipper is not very well-trained and when he comes to stay, Charlie tends to take up residence on his boat to keep away from all the barking and general disorder that Nipper brings with him!

  • Woolly & Lambkins

    Woolly is Norman's pet sheep. Woolly is inquisitive and probably more dog, than sheep-like. Lambikins is Woolly's baby.

     Woolly & Lambkins
  • Jupiter

    Pride of the Pontypandy fire service, Jupiter is always on hand to attend all manner of disasters. Expertly driven by Sam, and with the crew on board, Jupiter is a welcome sight to anyone in trouble. Always clean and shiny, Jupiter's bright red paintwork and flashing blue lights are a clear sight that help is on the way.

  • Venus

    Driven by Penny Morris, Venus the red rescue tender is always available to assist the team. No job is too large or too small. Carrying all the specialist gear the team could possibly need, Venus is a most-valued addition to the team.

  • Mercury Quad

    Firemen Sam's quad bike zips through the streets of Pontypandy, then straight off road and to the rescue - even to the most inaccessible places. The quad bike is equipped with a top box containing mountain climbing and rescue equipment.

    Mercury Quad
  • Neptune

    Neptune is Pontypandy’s inflatable lifeboat. Neptune is on permanent standby at its own boathouse on Pontypandy Harbor, ready to take to the seas, whatever the weather, whenever any of the townsfolk get into trouble on the water. Neptune is piloted by Penny, although Sam often steps up to the helm if needed.

  • Mountain Rescue 4x4

    The Mountain Rescue 4x4 is driven by Tom Thomas. Ready to scramble over the most difficult terrain, the 4x4 rescue vehicle is an invaluable part of the Pontypandy rescue fleet.

    Mountain Rescue 4x4
  • Mountain Rescue Helicopter

    Pontypandy's resident rescue helicopter is manned by Aussie Tom Thomas. Flying out of the Mountain Rescue Centre, equipped with its special winch, the helicopter is always on alert for whenever an airborne rescue is called for.

    Mountain Rescue Helicopter
  • Trevor Evans' Bus

    Serving the route between Newtown and Pontypandy, Trevor Evan's bus is a local lifeline. Operating the school run and day trips for the village children is one of its vital jobs. Although not always a reliable timekeeper, Trevor and his bus are popular elements of village life.

    Trevor Evans' Bus
  • Mike Flood's Van

    Mike's green van is a common sight on the streets of Pontypandy. Accident-prone Mike is not shy of getting into scrapes involving his van and needs to be rescued from it from time to time.

    Mike Flood's Van
  • Nurse Flood's Car

    Nurse Flood's car is a welcome sight to her patients and accident victims.

    Nurse Flood's Car
  • Charlie Jones' Boat

    Charlie's boat is his pride and joy, and of course, his livelihood, keeping the Wholefish Café well stocked with fresh fish. It's on his boat, far out to sea, that Charlie does his best daydreaming. This daydreaming gets Charlie in trouble occasionally. Luckily Penny is always on standby with Neptune the local lifeboat.

    Charlie Jones' Boat
  • Fireman SamFireman Sam
  • Penny MorrisPenny Morris
  • Elvis CridlingtonElvis Cridlington
  •  Station Officer Steele Station Officer Steele
  • Arnold McKinleyArnold McKinley
  • Ellie PhillipsEllie Phillips
  • Ben HooperBen Hooper
  •  Tom Thomas Tom Thomas
  • Charlie JonesCharlie Jones
  •  Bronwyn Jones Bronwyn Jones
  • Sarah & James JonesSarah & James Jones
  • Dilys PriceDilys Price
  • Norman PriceNorman Price
  • Mike FloodMike Flood
  • Helen FloodHelen Flood
  • Mandy FloodMandy Flood
  • Trevor EvansTrevor Evans
  • Gareth Griffith'sGareth Griffith's
  • RadarRadar
  • LionLion
  • NipperNipper
  •  Woolly & Lambkins Woolly & Lambkins
  • JupiterJupiter
  • VenusVenus
  • Mercury QuadMercury Quad
  • NeptuneNeptune
  • Mountain Rescue 4x4Mountain Rescue 4x4
  • Mountain Rescue HelicopterMountain Rescue Helicopter
  • Trevor Evans' BusTrevor Evans' Bus
  • Mike Flood's VanMike Flood's Van
  • Nurse Flood's CarNurse Flood's Car
  • Charlie Jones' BoatCharlie Jones' Boat