• Kindergarden equipment 100

    Kindergarden equipment

    Come like a hero to the kindergarten! With the Fireman Sam kindergarten backpack, every day in the kindergarten will be an exciting adventure. The backpack provides a spacious compartment and a front pocket for the complete hero equipment. Rounding out the hero equipment, there is also a lunchbox and a drinking bottle which will safely quench any thirst.

  • Arts & Crafts 101

    Arts & Crafts

    Creative with Fireman Sam! He is clever and creative, so Fireman Sam will find a solution for the most demanding assignments. Even small artists can do this now - with cute creative products by their favourite hero Fireman Sam and his team. With the coloring case full of crayons, makers and watercolors and the Stamper Fun Set, children inspire and create their very own, exciting Pontypandy-themed world and let Sam master thrilling missions.