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    Sam Walkie Talkie

    Dickie Toys Fireman Sam Walkie-Talkie Set: Pontypandy is everywhere! When Fireman Sam and his friends set off on a rescue mission in Pontypandy, good communication is everything. With the Dickie Toys Fireman Sam Walkie-Talkie Set, fans of the series aged 3 years and upwards can take part in their own missions and adventures. The walkie-talkies operate on the 434 MHz frequency, and have a similar appearance to the ones in the series. One walkie-talkie has an illustration of Sam, and the other of Officer Steel. A noise-reduction feature ensures optimal conversation quality. In open terrain without interfering signals, the range is up to 250 metres. Batteries are not included, and with the walkie-talkies children can transform any play area into their own little Pontypandy.